Weekend Roadtrip to Big Sur

A few weekends ago, some friends and I decided to take a minimally planned, last minute road trip to Big Sur National Park in Northern California. We had no reservations (despite it being the end of peak camping season) and were all confirmed on the trip as late as the night before, so you can probably tell how poorly planned the trip was. That’s almost the point of this blog though, to prove that you really don’t need extensive planning to go on a little road trip up the coast from Orange County. Just grab your friends and get out there!

After linking up with a fellow voyage member in LA, we headed up the coast via highway 101/1 and arrived to our first proposed campsite, Limekiln State Park, after a ~ 5.5hour drive. Upon arrival, we were told by the campgrounds ranger that there were no spaces available for single car camping and that there was even slimmer of a chance of getting a spot inside the Pfeiffer Big Sur campgrounds. Long story short, he realized that a couple of spots had been canceled a few moments earlier and offered one of the spots, which we gladly took. The campground was perfect and insanely lucky to get. Overall, the weekend was filled with insane views, canned gumbo with burnt weenies on a stick for dinner, and some unforgetable memories. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the weekend.