Hey! My name is Zach Sorensen and I am a 23 year old lifestyle/ travel/ portrait/ fashion editorial/ wedding/ elopement/ engagement photographer. As you can see, my style is pretty broad and it’s simply because I enjoy shooting it all. I don't believe in limiting myself to just one field of the art. I believe in documenting the best days of my life and hopefully inspiring others to get out and do more of what makes them happy. I have grown up and lived in Orange County my entire life and currently reside in Newport Beach, California. Some of my hobbies include traveling, skateboarding, camping, and overall just being outdoors with good people as much as possible.

Photography has always been an aspect of my life that brings me joy. Whether it's capturing memories of camping trips or special moments with ones you love, having the ability to freeze a moment in time and being able to relive it has always interested me. I’ve been shooting photos for roughly 4 years, and have been working professionally for over 3 years. Photography has brought me to beautiful destinations and more importantly, it has brought me lifelong friendships. My goal in my wedding/engagement work is to bring out the pure happiness and love that my clients feel for each other and to capture that emotion. I love incorporating my artistic eye into my work and try to aim for a very candid and lifestyle-like mood, no awkward “prom” poses. I enjoy taking my clients to outdoor spots and different environments that I feel will enhance our overall experience; I love to adventure and am available for travel. If you enjoy new scenery in your life, and want some sweet photos, let’s make it happen!